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Monthly Challenges - Information & FAQ

Monthly Challenges

Hello everyone, 


In this post I'll be going over what monthly challenges are, how to use them, and some frequently asked questions. This will be used to replace our "how to" section of every announcement to save space.


What are Monthly Challenges?

Monthly challenges are challenges that both guild members and non guild members can participate in during the month to compete for prizes. This is hosted in our Discord server through our custom bot. Challenges are different every month, and can be as simple as getting x kills in a game to collecting x amount of a resource in Bed Wars.


How Do I Begin and Play?

To start, you will need to use the /challenge start command. This fetches the necessary information from the Hypixel API that your future data will be referenced to. After that, you can use the /challenge check command to update and view your progress. You can also check out a leaderboard of the top players by using the command /challenge leaderboard.


What Are the Prizes?

Prizes vary each month depending on availability, however past prizes have included guild rank upgrades, SkyBlock coins, Hypixel Store Credit (Hypixel Gold), and Discord Nitro classic. The prizes for each applicable leaderboard placement will be announced at the beginning of each month.


This guide will be updated as time goes on. Good luck with your monthly challenges!




9 months ago
Leveling System

Leveling Update


Hey everyone,

Today I’m announcing the release of our newest addition to our guild bot: leveling. While there are elements from a typically known Discord leveling system, there are some large differences that separate this from others. I’ll be going over all information related to this below. 


Gaining Experience

Experience can be gained in a variety of different ways, and there will be even more added in the future. We plan to add more methods in the future, however we currently have two major ones that will be explained below.


- Discord Messages

The method everyone is familiar with, Discord messages. For every message sent (90 second cooldown) in a non-blacklisted channel (see below), you will be rewarded with a random amount of exp between 15 and 20. 


Blacklisted Channels:

- #verify

- #voice-commands

- #commands

- #memes 

These channels are blacklisted due to them being spammy channels, ones that don’t necessarily reflect a user’s community presence.


- Hypixel

Yes, exp can be gained from playing games on Hypixel! As of now, we have 5 major games and select stats enabled. 


Bed Wars

Wins, Kills, Beds Broken



Wins, Kills


Murder Mystery

Wins, Kills



Wins, Kills


TNT Games

Run Wins, PVP Run Wins, Wizards Wins, Wizards Kills, Tag Wins, Bowspleef Wins


With this update, we wanted to only enable the core game statistics to test it out in a public setting rather than internally. However, more creative elements of the game will be added in the very near future. We plan to support all major games by the end of 2021 and all minor ones in the future. However, please note that this is a time consuming process, one that takes much more time than adding the game/statistic to the code. Getting the right conversions is essential to the success of the system, and as such we have taken several precautions to make sure outliers do not occur. 



It’s important to offer an experience that’s fun for both passive and competitive players. This is why we’ve balanced our conversions. Conversions are what your game stats are multiplied by to get the amount of exp added to you. For example, SkyWars kills have a conversion of 3, meaning that for every kill you get in SkyWars, you will receive 3 exp. It may not seem like much, but if a user gains 50 kills a day, they will receive over 1,000 exp in a week from that alone.

 Each game statistic and conversion has been carefully calculated based on thousands of recorded games from beginners, experts, and everywhere in between. While we feel that our current setup is sufficiently balanced, we will be closely monitoring progress over the next few days and potentially release a bug fix/balancing update. 


Miscellaneous Information

- Discord messages sent before the update are retroactively applied

- Hypixel stats gained before the update are not retroactively applied (No Hypixel level 700, you are not starting at level 400,000)

- Rather than having an annoying message sent upon every levelup, an emote will be added to messages when these actions occur:

        - levelup (level 1)

        - levelup (level is an increment of 5)

- Every 10 levels will send a message in the chat. These will not occur for levels gained from Hypixel

- EXP from Discord messages has a 90 second cooldown

- Both guild members and non guild members can use this system



Due to API ratelimit concerns, we cannot update stats immediately. Rather, stats are updated once a day in what we like to call a payday. We offer a new command that can be used named `/paydayfrequency `. With this command, you are able to be notified when your exp/levels are updated either on a daily or weekly basis. Note that this notification is disabled by default, and requires you to have DMs from server members enabled. Regardless of your frequency status, your data will be updated on a daily basis. 


New Commands

Yes, we have new commands!

/level [member] - Displays either your level or a specific user’s level, depending on whether or not the member argument is provided. 

/leaderboard levels - Displays the top members in our community 

/paydayfrequency - Allows you to change your notification settings regarding exp gained from Hypixel. 



This update is one part of a multi-stage process, and more frequent content updates are coming in the future. A special thanks to our new Developer F1scherman and the rest of the team for helping with getting rid of all the breaking bugs beforehand (we’ll see how well this ages) and providing critical feedback. Your work is truly appreciated <3   


That’s all! I will be creating a thread in the general channel for feedback regarding leveling. If you notice any bugs, want to submit your thoughts about it, etc. you may do so here. 


about 1 year ago
Exemption Dates, Monthly Challenges, and Future Plans

All dates here have now expired. If you need to have more time off, please submit an inactivity notice at

about 1 year ago
Exemption Dates, Monthly Challenges, and Future Plans

Hey everyone,


I have a few announcements to make today regarding the guild. As some of you may be aware, the March monthly challenges ended last night. Here are the top performers:

#1: @redshoebox#0967 (300 points)

#2: @Springy#3220  (240 points)

#3: @Cake#0005 (195 points)

Please contact @shiyamdabomb#2243 for your SkyBlock coins. 



Exam Season

Because exam season is approaching, we're going to be making a few changes. While the main focus of our changes is to prevent unneeded stress from being added to guild members, we're also using this time to restructure ourselves internally and externally. You may see small changes in our guild, Discord, and website. Most of these will go unannounced until we start reopening things in mid May. If you have any suggestions, please suggest them in #suggestions. 


The simple list:

- Monthly Challenges postponed to June 1st

- Staff Applications closed

- New guild requirement exemption dates


Monthly Challenges Postponed to June 1st

Monthly Challenges have been fairly successful, but the nature of them causes users to have to grind. Because of this, we will be postponing them until June 1st. We will use this time to implement good suggestions gather by the community and our staff team. 


Staff Applications Closed

Yes, staff applications are temporarily closing. Adding new staff members in a time of restructuring would cause nothing but issues, and we feel that it would be much more beneficial to add new staff members when we're ready. Applications are expected to reopen around mid May.


Exemption Dates

Like the holiday exemption dates, we're also going to be implementing exemption dates for exam season. 

Inactivity kicks and demotions will not happen between April 18th till May 15th. 

 If you aren’t able to meet the gxp requirement for a date not listed, you can still submit an inactivity notice at


 Study hard, and good luck with your exams!

about 1 year ago
Mystic Fyre GXP Exemption Weeks (Active)

Hello everyone,


This thread will list all the different weeks that GXP will not be checked for any reason other than promotions in the next few months. Certain times of the year can be busy, hence why we have designated weeks where you will not be required to meet any sort of gxp requirement. If you aren’t able to meet the gxp requirement for a date not listed, you can still submit an inactivity notice here. If you are unaware, submitting an inactivity notice gives you a complete exemption from meeting guild requirements during the time(s) you specified.



GXP exemptions will last from November 21st to January 9th due to the holidays, exams, and travel.




Good luck with your exams!