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Monthly Challenges - January 2021
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06 Sep 2020
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06 Aug 2022

Monthly Challenges


Hey everyone, today I'm announcing a new feature for our guild's Discord bot: monthly challenges. 


What are monthly challenges?

Monthly challenges are different tasks that you can complete each month. For each task, you get a certain amount of points. The amount of points given per challenge varies depending on its difficulty. 

Are there any rewards?

Yes. You can check your placement via the command `/challenge leaderboard`

1st: 1,000 Hypixel gold ($10 Hypixel store credit), 7m SkyBlock coins, and the Monthly Challenge Winner role (removed when there's a new winner)

2nd: 4m SkyBlock coins and the Monthly Challenge Leaderboard role (removed when there's a new winner)

3rd: 2m SkyBlock coins and the Monthly Challenge Leaderboard role (removed when there's a new winner)

Note: this is based on who gets to the highest point first. If you get the same amount of points as 3 people who get there before you, you will not be eligible for a reward


When will monthly challenges end?

Monthly challenges will end at the end of the day on 2/28/21. A new set of challenges will be enabled sometime on 3/1/21 (hence, monthly challenges)


How do I do the challenges?

These commands are for our guild's Discord bot, and as such, you cannot use them if you are not in the guild Discord.

First, use the command /challenge start. You need to do this before starting your monthly challenges. When you want to check your progress on challenges, use the command /challenge check. This will both update your data and display your progress on each challenge. Note: intentional exploiting and/or abuse will result in a wipe, and possibly a ban. Please complete these challenges in a way that complies with both our rules and Hypixel's rules.

A tl;dr of the commands:

/challenge start - starts your monthly challenges

/challenge check - updates your data/checks your progress

/challenge leaderboard - checks the challenge leaderboard


Good luck!

Guild Master, Staff Manager, and Lead Developer for the Mystic Fyre guild. 
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