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EVENT - Sunday, Jan 24, 2021
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07 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2021
We're doing another guild event! The event will be held on Sunday, Jan 24 at 3PM EST. That would 12PM PST, 1 PM MST, and 2 PM CST. If you live outside of the U.S. you need to look up what time it would be for you. We will do another event ping before we start, so make sure to go to #selfroles and select the event ping one if you'd like to be notified of these kinds of events. This event, we're trying something new.
We're going to be playing a series of challenges in a game we'll dub Hoggy Says. The objective is simple - do what Hoggy says and be the first one to do so. Scoring The first person to complete a challenge correctly will receive 2 points.
If there is any doubt about who won first, the staff team will review the game later in Replay and make a verdict there. If there is a tie at the end, the tie will be settled by a tie breaker challenge.
All guild rules and Hypixel rules still apply. If you are found breaking these rules during our event, appropriate action will be taken against you. Cheating will result is a permanent removal from the guild and guild Discord.
Is this event public?
No. This event is only for users on our guild's staff team and in our guild. In the future we may open it up to everyone, but for now it remains guild only.
Can I stream/record the event?
Yes! We encourage you to. The user with the highest points wins!
1st place: 1 week of the Event Winner guild rank, permanent event winner role in our Discord server, and 4m Skyblock coins
2nd place: 2m Skyblock coins, 1 week of the Event Winner guild rank, and permanent and event winner role in our Discord server.
3rd place: 1m Skyblock coins and a permanent event winner role in our Discord server
Remember to queue for the event with the command: /eq <username> in the bot-commands channel on our Discord server!</username>
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18 Jan 2022
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