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Guild Event Results - 1/10/21
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06 Sep 2020
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06 Aug 2022

Hey everyone!


Today we hosted a guild event playing:

- Bedwars

- SkyWars

- TNT Games (Tag and Run)

- Murder Mystery

- Build Battle

- Classic Games (Quake and Walls)


The winners of the event are:


1st:  UpDusk

2nd: tesgo 

3rd: CosmiKazie

(I also got 3rd place, but we won't count that :P)

Congratulations to all of you! Please message shiyamdabomb#6969 on Discord to claim the prizes listed in the original event announcement. 

Here's a full score:



Scoring was based on how users place in a game. The winning person/team will get 2 points, and the top killer (if applicable) will get 1 point.


UpDusk - 12 points

tesgo - 6 points

CosmiKazie - 4 points 

HoggyTheWizard - 4 points

NotSolodolo - 2 points

2zad - 2 points

8dzz - 2 points

shiyamdamom - 2 points

chillykumari - 2 points

ilycooldude951 - 2 points

shiyamdabomb - 2 points

If you haven't joined already, make sure to join our guild Discord to be notified of guild events and other important announcements immediately, as well as having the options to queue for events, give feedback, and more.

We hope to see you in the next event!




Guild Master, Staff Manager, and Lead Developer for the Mystic Fyre guild. 
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