Mystic Fyre

Leveling System
about 1 year ago

Leveling Update


Hey everyone,

Today I’m announcing the release of our newest addition to our guild bot: leveling. While there are elements from a typically known Discord leveling system, there are some large differences that separate this from others. I’ll be going over all information related to this below. 


Gaining Experience

Experience can be gained in a variety of different ways, and there will be even more added in the future. We plan to add...

Exemption Dates, Monthly Challenges, and Future Plans
about 1 year ago

Hey everyone,


I have a few announcements to make today regarding the guild. As some of you may be aware, the March monthly challenges ended last night. Here are the top performers:

#1: @redshoebox#0967 (300 points)

#2: @Springy#3220  (240 points)

#3: @Cake#0005 (195 points)

Please contact @shiyamdabomb#2243 for your SkyBlock coins. 



Exam Season

Because exam season is approaching, we're going to be making a few changes. While the main focus o...

Monthly Challenges - January 2021
over 2 years ago

Monthly Challenges


Hey everyone, today I'm announcing a new feature for our guild's Discord bot: monthly challenges. 


What are monthly challenges?

Monthly challenges are different tasks that you can complete each month. For each task, you get a certain amount of points. The amount of points given per challenge varies depending on its difficulty. 

Are there any rewards?

Yes. You can check your placement via the command `/challenge leaderboard`

1st: 1,000 Hypixel gold ($10 Hypixel store credit), 7m SkyBlock ...

EVENT - Sunday, Jan 24, 2021
over 2 years ago
We're doing another guild event! The event will be held on Sunday, Jan 24 at 3PM EST. That would 12PM PST, 1 PM MST, and 2 PM CST. If you live outside of the U.S. you need to look up what time it would be for you. We will do another event ping before we start, so make sure to go to #selfroles and select the event ping one if you'd like to be notified of these kinds of events. This event, we're trying...
Guild Event Results - 1/10/21
over 2 years ago

Hey everyone!


Today we hosted a guild event playing:

- Bedwars

- SkyWars

- TNT Games (Tag and Run)

- Murder Mystery

- Build Battle

- Classic Games (Quake and Walls)


The winners of the event are:


1st:  UpDusk

2nd: tesgo 

3rd: CosmiKazie

(I also got 3rd place, but we won't count that :P)

Congratulations to all of you! Please message shiyamdabomb#6969 on Discord to claim the prizes listed in the original event announcement. 

Here's a full score: